Gilnahirk Pipe Band

Formed 1919

Au Revoir Jérémy...

The 2010-2011 season was an eventful one for the Band. Along with the engagements we have become accustomed to over past years, we made it back on to the contest stage for the first time in several years. Although the results could undoubtedly have been better, appetites have been whetted and we hope to make more regular appearances next year.

The re-emergence of Gilnahirk was greatly aided by those members who have joined over the past couple of years, including Jérémy who came to Gilnahirk all the way from Canada!

We would love to say that the lure of the Band is now sufficient to draw international players from overseas, but the truth of it is that Jérémy was a student at The Queen's University who found that his musical talent needed an outlet! Jérémy had played with a Band in his home country and soon became an invaluable and reliable member of the Gilnahirk piping corps.

Sadly, Jérémy's university course concluded this year and that has brought to an end his sojourn in Northern Ireland. The Band recorded its gratitude to him with a small presentation at one of his last practices and also took the opportunity for a cup of coffee together and a few sticky buns!

We all have fond memories of Jérémy's time with the Band and would be delighted to welcome him back in the future, should his travels bring him back in this direction. In the meantime, we would just like to record our thanks and best wishes to Jérémy as he returns to Canada - we hope to see you again soon. For now - Au Revoir!