Gilnahirk Pipe Band

Formed 1919

Annual General Meeting 2012

Gilnahirk entered an exciting era last week with the election of new Pipe Major, Richard Newell who hopes to guide the Band back to winning ways.

Annual General Meetings can often be dry affairs in pipe band circles, but Gilnahirk had plenty to be excited about this year. Although the Band had taken to the grass three times last season, the performances had been poorly received by the judges and it was agreed by the entire membership that an infux of new talent and ideas would greatly benefit the loyal membership.

The Band was delighted when Ricky Newell agreed to visit one of our practices a few weeks ago and even more pleased when he decided he would be willing to take over the reigns.

There was unanimous support for the new Pipe Majpr's election to office and outgoing Chief, Mervyn Mayes agreed to stay in the ranks as Pipe Sergeant. Making up the rest of the "management team" for the pipers is Carson Tate, an experienced and talented player in his own right, who was appointed Pipe Corporal.

Already, the Band is working hard on a new repertoire for next season, refreshing the contest set and a number of the street tunes. Precision playing and strong expression will be the order of the day!

In keeping with popular condition, the evening would up with a cup of tea and a chat!

Although these developments are exciting in their own right, the Bands needs to retain the momemtum and we are still looking for new players to add to the ranks.

At the AGM, there was particular satisfaction in noting the progress which has been made in attracting learner players, and we can facilitate anyone, whether an absolute beginner or a novice. However, we are still keen to welcome more experienced players - both pipers and drummers - who want to join us in our adventures in the contest arena in 2013.

As usual, you can contact us by email, or through our Facebook Page.